16 Designers That Are Experts at Confusing Us

year ago

For the most part, creating something good takes time. But occasionally, people design things without spending much time or effort on them. And that is exactly when fun and confusion meet. So let’s look at today’s finds and see which of these 16 pics will make your jaw drop on the floor.

1. “Elephant colonoscopy playground”

2. “The cuisine curtain is perfect for any conscious eater in public who just can’t chew with their mouth closed.”

3. “Double female toilets in Gothenburg, Sweden”

4. “These escalators are still in place but are now covered by a wall.”

5. “This toddler toilet next to an adult toilet in a public restroom in Taiwan”

6. “Worst slide design ever. Worst 6 feet of my life.”

7. “Somebody give the person who designed this a medal.”

8. “I appreciate the efficient use of space with this bathroom design.”

9. “Odd staircase design.”

10. “Green = empty battery, Red = fully charged.”

11. Ceiling fans are supposed to be inside to work properly, no?

12. “Just no. Why do you have to put your hand in it in that area.”

13. “I’ve always wanted an apartment with a bathtub, but this is certainly not what I envisioned.”

14. “My friend’s bathtub handles. I-I just.....what?”

15. “Shower curtain at my local YMCA”

16. “Glowing half stars that look like underpants.”

What is the worst design mistake you’ve ever come across when out and about? Share it in the comments!


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