16 Dogs That Will Never Stop Being Cute No Matter How Big They Are

3 years ago

Pets are special to everyone who owns them, but when it comes to large dogs, it’s clear that the dynamic changes a bit. But not to worry, it’s for the best. It turns out that many of these huge, furry friends still behave like giant puppies, which makes them fun, cute — and let’s face it — a bit clumsy too. But, of course, most times they don’t even realize it, which is why some users from Reddit and Imgur found it fun to share their stories and pics of their life with a big dog.

Bright Side compiled the sweetest (and funniest) pictures of these big dogs that still act like puppies, and one can’t help but wonder if they do it on purpose or not. After all, being a puppy has its advantages, right?

1. “Everything is just a-okay here, just keep going your way.”

2. A big dog deserves a big stick, right?

3. “A big hug from my favorite dog”

4. “He’s big but he doesn’t realize it. Every morning at 5:30 he runs up from his crate to get a few snuggles in before we leave for work.”

5. “She still thinks and acts like a puppy.”

6. “Montagne is 10 months old!”

7. When the girl you like is close by and you think you’re being subtle about your feelings:

8. (Very) big dog problems

9. “This guy was born 8 years ago today. He just finished his bowl of vanilla peanut butter and bacon ice cream for dessert. Please wish him a happy birthday!”

10. “Billy, my Old English Sheep Dog, enjoying his first big snow”

11. “How do you walk a big fluffy dog when it’s raining?”

12. When you’re almost the size of a human and you’re ready to do what it takes to fit in:

13. This big guy doesn’t want to sleep alone tonight.

14. “Bro, is your car made for hobbits?”

15. “A Great Dane doing what Great Danes do best”

16. “Small bed + big dog = sweet dreams”

Do you have a big dog? How is their attitude toward other dogs considering their big size? Share your anecdotes in the comment section and a picture of them if you’d like us to see them!


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I wonder if this dog is comfortable to sleep in such a small bed ahaha


I have always liked bigger dogs. They have this special charm to them :3


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