16 People on the Net Shared Peculiar Finds in Their Countries That You Won’t Be Able to Unsee

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To this day, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Great Wall in China, and the Colosseum in Italy are among the most-visited monuments in the world. However, even though each country has its beautiful statues and monuments, there are also peculiar ones that are not being visited by many tourists but are still worth our attention. We want to present you with some of these unique finds from different countries that people share on the net.

1. These statues are located in different countries.

2. “The way these tiles form a smooth 90° transition instead of a hard corner at my local sandwich shop.”

3. “Bird and human hands hybrid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

4. “Saw this on the highway while at work. Don’t know if I love or hate the exhaust pipe!”

5. “This one really speaks to me.”

6. “Strange statues, Norval Foundation, Cape Town”

7. “I always wanted to feel like Peppa Pig’s puke.”

8. “How about this buff gentleman?”

9. “Just AAAAAAAAA!”

10. “I present to you the potato monument in my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts.”

11. “On the subject of sculptures, here’s one in London.”

12. “Can I please introduce you to the bizarre frog-head sun-worshipping children at my local shopping center?”

13. “Strange art sculpture”

14. “In my hometown, there’s a pet shop with this sculpture at the entrance. It’s 20 years old, and they paint it every year with different ’dog breeds.’”

15. “How about these in Bangkok?”

16. “My dad just sent me this. He saw the statue at work and couldn’t resist a certain addition.”

Do you also have some peculiar sights or statues in your country? Share them with us!


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