20 Findings That Are Like a Secret Wink From the Universe

3 years ago

There is no time for boredom. We just need to take a walk and keep our eyes open for things like a small work of art on the bricks of a wall or a family of smiling frogs greeting you when you go water your yard. In those little everyday things like an ant or a can, we can discover a new unexpected detail.

The universe conspires to make us smile and here, at Bright Side, we’re bringing you a few samples to prove it.

1. Ant face under an electron microscope.

2. Thousands of clovers covering the floor of a redwood forest in California

3. I opened a can to find the bubbles all neatly lined up.

4. The forest in a stone

5. I found a ping pong ball under my basement sofa that is elevated by spider cobwebs.

6. The Mata Mata freshwater turtle looks like it walked straight out of Jurassic Park.

7. The water from the faucet created a perfect sphere on this French press.

8. Amazing tiny nest balanced on top of a wreath on my front door

9. Rust formed on this old spool of wire in an extremely cool way.

10. Taken while visiting the mechanic

11. The clouds look like a fluffy bear.

12. Fire and Ice: 2 shots of one incredible piece of Himalayan Quartz

13. The perfect pattern of the roots on this plant

14. I found this while pulling out the hose and felt sorry for disturbing these smiling frogs.

15. The reflection of the palm trees in this bubble

16. 35 pounds of honey found in my cousin’s roof

17. This Luna moth I found

18. This rock looks like part of an ancient monolith.

19. These leaves on my walk have been crushed into the pavement to look like a tree.

20. An extremely rare phenomenon called circumhorizontal arc.

What was the last surprise that you got? Have you discovered something unexpected when walking around lately? We’d love to read about it in the comments.

Preview photo credit puddjles / imgur


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That bubble looks simply amazing, I love the vivid colors


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