20+ Times People Had One Job and Failed Miserably

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A few years ago, the internet went nuts when a prestigious pregnancy test manufacturer released an ad showing a couple with the woman having a 7-month pregnant belly doing a pregnancy test to make sure of her condition. Come on, advertiser, you had one simple task! This hilarious epic fail is just one of many. Thank goodness we have smartphones to capture or, even better, take videos of such epic moments that we come across when we really just wanna scream, “You had one job!”

1. You literally had one job, calculator.

2. On the bright side, this car is now ready for racing.

3. “Yeah, like you’re not gonna eat it!”

4. When you’re a construction worker with an artistic spirit:

5. How did you even do it?

6. Strawberries vs grapes

7. Study your superheroes harder, please.

8. Someone needs help with the flavors and colors.

9. You had one job, gate!

10. “Just wanted to enjoy my hotdog, mate!”

11. Try to solve this kitchen riddle.

12. Unwanted visitors can get some fresh air...

13. Either someone doesn’t have spelling skills or they decided to mess with ours.

14. They’re both insects after all, right?

15. A “cinemaniac” is trolling us fans.

16. A do-it-yourself IKEA taco

17. In case of an emergency, break the glass to charge.

18. A bike line for stuntmen only

19. In case an earthquake occurs, this backup column will do.

20. A security door lacking security

21. — “Is it centered?”

- “Get done with it, already!”

- “Done!”

Bonus: In case of a fire, please burn up.

Let us know which fails were your favorite and don’t forget to attach pictures of the failure designs that you’ve encountered in the section below.

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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