20 People Who Whizzed Over Regular Shoes and Ended Up Creating a Masterpiece

3 years ago

Even with the abundance of footwear choices we have today, it still feels like an uphill, costly task to find a really unique pair of shoes. Those who like to stand out but are not ready to pay for designer footwear have to uncover hidden talents within themselves to create fabulous shoes with improvised means. Sometimes, the result of such creativity can outshine that of famous brands.

We at Bright Side are sure that the fantasies of Internet users who manage to turn regular footwear into one-of-a-kind pieces are worth a separate article, not to mention the undivided attention of our readers.

“Bought some cheap white shoes off AliExpress and 2 iron-on appliques. All this beauty was less than $20 in total, so I’m pretty stoked!”

“I grabbed an old pair of shoes from my closet and decided to transform them into something completely different using my old comics. I’m not sure how long they’ll hold up but it was fun making them!”

“My wife is a gamer, and these are shoes she made for her ’zero waste’ school project from ruined keyboard keys and cables. I recently posted only one shoe — here are both, done and ready.”

“I painted these ’schwifty’ shoes for my husband. It was my first try painting shoes and he’s so happy with them!”

“I love Ms. Marvel and I love shoes. I decided to combine my 2 passions and made these!”

“Longtime stalker and lover of all things embroidery! So proud I don’t have to use thimbles anymore for the shoes I love to sew.”

“My DIY wedding shoes! I spent too many hours gluing individual crystals onto a pair of $40 pumps — so worth it!!!”

“Making luxury out of little things — here’s metallic gold floral embroidery on velvet shoes.”

“Didn’t want to buy trendy and expensive shoes with the paint effect. I’ll paint-splatter my own shoes, man. DIY results!”

“My mother-in-law loves to knit and since we live in a warmer climate, she can’t make sweaters. That’s why she knitted these sneakers and gave them to me.”

“I made these shoes for my graduation.”

“I made my anime-obsessed best friend a pair of shoes for her twenty-fifth birthday.”

“These wedding shoes are decorated with polymer clay figurines.”

“This is my first time trying embroidery, and I’m happy with the results. It’s quite challenging, but also so much fun to work on. I am planning to sell these babies and buy myself a sewing machine.”

“Bought these slip-ons for $6, got some bleach and some paint, and voila!”

“I made my shoes! Thanks to the Internet for the inspiration!!”

“Look what kind of shoes I made!”

“My dog ate my girlfriend’s shoes that cost $500!!! My beloved was crying. So I tried fixing them. They came out shiny, right?”

“I’d like to share the DIY shoes I made myself. By the way, they glow in the dark.”

“Bought these shoes for $25, added some glitter, and made them shine!”

Which pair of these handmade shoes impressed you the most? Would you like to modernize your shoes or do you think it’s a waste of time?

Preview photo credit swordspath / Imgur


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