18 Hilarious Times Kids Made Parenting Way More Fun

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2 years ago

Every parent knows that bringing up kids is a huge responsibility, but what they also know is that kids bring lots of laughter to the home. That’s why experienced moms and dads always keep their cameras at hand — just in case their beloved kiddo does something hilarious like the little guys below.

It was an absolute laugh riot for us at Bright Side putting together the funny things kids do that make every parent realize that raising kids will always create wonderful memories.

18. 3 y.o. (in bathroom): Mommy, can I put this sticker on Daddy’s card?

Me (in bed): Yes.

3 y.o.: Will he love it?

Me: Totally.

17. Kids can cry for any reason or sometimes for no reason at all!

And another one!

And how could we not include him?

16. He got mad when he was told all the Skittles were gone, and he gave this stare all through the flight.

15. This kid is still furious and looking for his lost lollipop.

14. So sweet of this kid to prepare breakfast for his dad. He doesn’t care if it is edible!

13. That time Mommy decided to go shopping with the kids and, well, regretted it...

12. He couldn’t wait to reach the bedroom.

11. When you teach your kids that a Band-Aid can treat all aches — even a sore throat!

10. When your kid insists on making the monthly grocery list himself:

9. When you can brag about your similarity with the prince himself:

8. He insisted on dressing up like his crush for the party.

7. This guy is super excited to have decorated the kitchen with whatever he had — carrots.

6. When she tasted cotton candy for the very first time:

5. His love for the ketchup bottle is eternal.

4. Every mother has 50% of her photo gallery filled with these:

3. This kid is listening to all the rants for finishing all the powdered sugar.

2. This toddler owns a very patient dog.

1. The boy was asked to keep an eye on the ball.

Kids can make you angry, but they can make you laugh at the same time. Do you have some more funny moments captured in a photo? Share them with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Sarah Dempster/ Twitter


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