16 People Who Could Win “The Brain of the Year” Award

2 years ago

Not everyone likes to follow in the footsteps of other people’s ideas and solutions so instead, they create their own path. This is what a 4-year-old girl did when she wanted to throw a theme party, but couldn’t choose between her 2 favorite costumes. And an English city decided to take a rather unexpected measure in order to keep bats safe.

Bright Side would like to show some respect to 16 people who designed items or thought of solutions for their everyday problems that are purely genius.

1. “My friend threw a ‘Thorella’ party for her 4 y/o daughter who wanted to be both Thor and Cinderella.”

2. “Tribute to my 96-year-old grandma that still lives alone and can walk around without a cane, walker, or wheelchair, and who waters her flowers by being lifted up on a tractor.”

3. “This person has cut their hedge to look like a dog.”

4. “Crosswalk projected on a dirty winter road”

5. “Before and after our DIY firepit project. Cost about $700.”

6. “There’s a road in Worcestershire, UK that has red street lights so as not to scare the local bats.”

7. “Just out here living the dream.”

8. “This restaurant has a foot pedal for the bathrooms so you don’t have to touch the handle.”

9. Whoever designed this remote that also has a keyboard at the back is a genius.

10. “This car has windshield wiper heaters to melt the ice and free your wiper blades during winter.”

11. “Cracked iPhone back? Use highlighters to ‘pimp yo’ phone’.”

12. Steaming broccoli doesn’t require any special equipment as it turns out.

13. “My mom made this system to hang our clothing to dry because the bathroom is being repaired.”

14. When you don’t have the correct batteries, use a few coins.

15. “The box that my grill came in can be inverted to make a playhouse for a toddler.”

16. “A local café uses ice cubes made of frozen coffee so my iced coffee doesn’t get as watered down.”

What is the most brilliant creation you’ve ever seen that has helped you or someone you know in your everyday life?

Preview photo credit avadore / imgur


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