16 People Who Brought Joy Into Their Lives by Adopting a Pet

year ago

According to data, more than 4 million pets are adopted each year, with 2 million dogs and 2.1 million cats. And while this number sounds great, it’s relatively low if you remember that 3.1 million dogs and 3.2 million cats enter shelters every year. This proves that some people have no shame in purchasing an animal and then throwing it out on the street. Luckily, good people out there take care of these animals and welcome them into their homes.

1. Amanda Seyfried

2. Liam Hemsworth

3. Drew Barrymore

4. Chris Evans

5. Henry Cavill

6. Justin Theroux

7. Hilary Swank

8. Ariana Grande

9. Channing Tatum

10. Nina Dobrev

11. Chelsea Handler

12. Gerard Butler

13. Kellan Lutz

14. Charlize Theron

15. Gus Kenworthy

16. Selma Blair

Do you have any pets? If so, did you adopt or rescue them or buy them from a breeder? If you did adopt, why did you feel like this was your best choice?


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