16 Photos That Help Renew Our Faith in True Love

Life is full of surprises, and one can strike just when you think you’ve seen enough. With all that’s happening around us, one must simply pause for a minute and admire the beauty in this world. The eternal love between an elderly couple or the unconditional love between a parent and a baby — all prove that true love knows no limits and nothing can stand in its way.

We at Bright Side believe in true love, which is why we decided to search the Internet for heartwarming photos and stories. Keep scrolling to experience a real stir of emotions.

1. “Our player 3 has joined the game.”

2. “I’m a senior this year, and my dog waits on my bed every day when I get home.”

3. “They’re 86 and 91, and my grandparents still hold hands while sleeping.”

4. “In half an hour, the girl my best mate has been dating will finish work and find this.”

5. “A birthday cake I made for my son — he loves the game a lot, so I made him a raft cake.”

6. “My daughter’s happy tears tonight when our skittish rescue made a rare public appearance to snuggle with her”

7. “2 years post-ischemic stroke, my hubby spent 3 hours putting my trike together so I can ride my bike again after my stroke!”

8. “Mom took a bunch of kitchen towels and made a bed out of them because our puppy was freezing.”

9. “We brought Charlie home a month ago now and I can’t get over that look of pure love in his eyes.”

10. “Visited my younger cousin and noticed how his girlfriend shows love.”

11. “The way she looks at him”

12. “I was going through a very hard time. My 6-year-old nephew noticed and gave me this to try and cheer me up.”

13. “When I saw my wife on my wedding day — my little sister hadn’t seen me cry before.”

14. “He proposed at my favorite place in the whole world with a ring he got custom-made... still can’t get over it.”

15. “My parents on their wedding day, and 30 years later”

16. “My great-grandma, who will be 103 on Valentine’s Day, laughing with my 2-month-old daughter!”

Which of these photos made you feel true love? Do you have similar, lovely photos? Let us know in the comments!

Preview photo credit mrsroyalmountain/reddit


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