17 Women Who Gained Confidence After Embracing Their Body Hair

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Shaving, waxing, or removing body hair in any other way can be painful and time-consuming. On the other hand, society still frowns upon women who decide to ditch the razor. But with time, it is becoming more and more acceptable for women to embrace their natural bodies, and that includes body hair.

1. “Society en masse needs to accept women have hair too!”

2. “We are the nature.”

3. “Happy with my hairy beach legs”

4. Actress Martina Cariddi is rocking her body hair.

5. “Here’s my contribution.”

6. “Woke up really loving my body hair, it makes me who I am.”

7. “Feeling free”

8. Mo’Nique ditched razors too.

9. “My body hair makes me feel so confident with myself! I wish society was more open to women not shaving.”

10. “Enjoying the last bit of sun before the cold is here to stay.”

11. Model and hair positivity activist Sophia Hadjipanteli rocking her natural brows

12. “You CAN wear the cute top AND have hairy pits! I feel like super woman!”

13. Armpit hair is natural.

14. “Embracing my hair for over 1 year now and loving it.”

15. Model Ashley Graham sporting unshaved pits

16. “I never wanna shave again.”

17. Razor-free on Halloween

What do you think about women embracing their body hair? Did you ever consider quitting shaving?


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