17 Average People Who Can Replace Famous Actors in a Heartbeat

4 years ago

They say there are possibly 7 doppelgängers of each person across the globe. But being the doppelgänger of a celebrity makes you famous thanks to the world of social media. People spend a lot of time and money on fashion and other details to look like their favorite celebrity. On the other hand, there are people who happen to be doing the same thing, effortlessly.

Here at Bright Side we have created a list of some average people who can easily replace the professionals without question. Want to know which doppelgänger Johan Hill met? Stay with us to the very end of the article to find out.

1. A rare pic of Albert Einstein driving a cab in NY

2. Professor Snape before he took the job as professor at Hogwarts

3. "My bus driver looks almost exactly like Walter White from Breaking Bad."

4. He looks exactly like Carl Fredricksen from Up!

5. Looks like days of Linguini cooking in movies are over

6. "Looks like he's still pretty upset about the failure of his theme park."

7. She's going to kill Bill.

8. "My teacher looks like Khal Drogo."

9. Accidental X-Men cosplay

10. "My mom and dad's face swap looks just like Dave Grohl."

11. She accidentally cosplayed like Ronald McDonald.

12. "My papa has no idea he slightly resembles Waldo today."

13. Where are his Minions?

14. Go figure

15. A rare pic of Jonah Hill meeting Dru

16. Oh, My! Did they make a live action or something?

17. Indian Tyrion Lannister

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Preview photo credit OthelloMon/reddit, Badgeros/reddit


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