17 Famous Women That Look Like Goddesses With and Without Makeup

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2 years ago

It’s said that the right makeup lifts women’s moods and gives them a boost of confidence. But scientists managed to prove the opposite. During an experiment, they found out that giving up on beauty products gives you emotional stability and lifts your self-esteem.

Bright Side decided to compare what famous women look like with and without makeup. We don’t think these women even need makeup, and in the bonus section, we will show you that you can look like a star even with as little makeup as possible.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Lady Gaga

Katy Perry

Natalia Vodianova

Anne Hathaway

Elisabeth Moss

Paris Hilton

Kristen Bell

Drew Barrymore

Eva Longoria

Tyra Banks

Gwyneth Paltrow

Jennifer Aniston

Salma Hayek

Julianne Moore

Sharon Stone

Bonus: A star is a star, even in a bathrobe without any beauty products, and Jennifer Lopez proves it.

Do you think that a modern woman can appear in public without makeup?


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