17 Bearded Men That Make Us Appreciate the Beauty of Facial Hair

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November is the month also known as “no-shave November.” Based on that, everyone is encouraged to stop shaving for an entire month if they want to see how much their beards would grow. Being bearded or clean-shaven is a very personal preference, and while many men love facial hair, others might try it but eventually get rid of it. We think that beards can look magnificent on many men, and that’s why we’ve gathered 17 pictures to prove it.

1. “Beard growth graph”

2. “Beard or no beard? Be cruelly honest, please.”

  • Without a beard, you look like that guy from the band, Creed. With a beard, you seem like a good-hearted Disney character. Both are good. AddlerMartin / Reddit

3. “Bearded vs shaven, my fiancé made me do it.”

4. “Some people say I’ve got a pretty Sikh beard.”

5. “For most of my adult life, I’ve had a shaved head and face, but within the past 6 months, I’ve decided to try something new.”

6. “To beard or not to beard, that is the question.”

7. “Beard vs no beard, 23-25”

8. “The difference a beard makes”

9. “Still going strong on the beard, but I found a picture of my stubblier beard, and it probably is my best form.”

“I got this far, though, so I probably will go to 6 months.”

10. “29 — beard or no beard?”

11. “18 years old, 4 days of growth — should I keep it?”

12. “Sep 12 to Oct 12 — I’m gettin’ somewhere.”

13. “My 23-year-old friend is headed to the National Beard and Mustache Championship next month.”

14. “2007 vs 2022 with my wife (married since 2011)”

15. “Off to rediscover the forgotten beard care secrets of Poseidon!”

16. “For the past few years, I’ve been trying different styles, I’m currently sitting with a 3-month-old beard.”

17. “19 vs 20 — the beard has been a total game changer for me.”

Which one of the men above do you think should never ever shave their beards? Are you a fan of trimmed or long beards?

Preview photo credit trial0r / Reddit


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