14 Times When Celebrities’ Stunning Outfits and Actions Stole the Show During Movie Premieres

9 months ago

Before appearing in public, celebrities think through their outfits down to the tiniest detail. At the same time, fans look forward to seeing what garments celebrities will go for this time. Red carpets of various movie premieres and ceremonies have seen a lot, from “naked” dresses to weird costumes. Moreover, some situations at such events deserve to become a plot of a new flick.

We at Bright Side decided to show you cool shots from movie premiers that definitely deserve our attention.

Tom Cruise accidentally broke the royal protocol on the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick.

According to the protocol, one can’t touch the members of the royal family. But Tom Cruise broke this rule without any hesitation and gave his hand to Kate Middleton when she was going up the stairs.

Moreover, Tom Cruise surprised the public with his spectacular appearance at the same premiere — he came out of a helicopter, donning a black tuxedo.

It was impossible to look away from the outfits that celebrities were donning at the premiere of House of Gucci.

Everyone realized what the secret of Lady Gaga’s dress was only when she put up her arms and revealed “wings.”

Quintin Tarantino usually wears a black tuxedo or suit to red carpet events, but sometimes he surprises audiences with bright, unforgettable looks.

The premiere of Romeo + Juliet was taking place in a Chinese theater, which is why Claire Danes opted for a dress in a Chinese style. She also wore a trendy ’90s hairdo.

Anyone who watched the horror film, Us, will understand the references that the actress Lupita Nyong’o reflected in her outfit.

Lily James donned a dress so fairy-tale-like to the premiere of Cinderella that her character herself could wear it.

Zendeya often opts for outfits in the style of the flicks she acted in. At the premiere of The Greatest Showman in Spain, the actress appeared in a satin red jacket.

The main character, played by Hugh Jackman, was wearing a similar garment.

Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen wore nearly the same outfit at the premiere of Ingrid Goes West.

This choice was a tribute to the movie, in which Aubrey’s character was obsessed with Olsen’s, or rather, her image on social media. Usually, stars who choose the same outfits are ridiculed, but in this case, the girls’ sense of humor was only praised.

The stars of Captain Marvel showed up at the premiere like true superheroes, donning very bright outfits. It looked really cool in their group shot.

In order to represent the flick, Valerian, Cara Delevingne donned a futuristic style dress. It was made from thin wire.

Journalists immediately stated that such an outfit takes transparent getups to a new level because this garment didn’t even have fabric. The waves on the dress matched the actress’s hair well and created a kind of intergalactic look that perfectly matched the space theme of the film.

Nicole Kidman donned an unusual dress with orange “wings” to the premiere of The Northman, and it caused quite a stir among her fans.

The hairstyle, complete with fluttering strands, complemented the image of the “bird.” But the outfit caused mixed reactions among fans. Someone thought that the dress should’ve been washed and ironed, while others thought it was perfect.

Melissa Joan Hart attended the Frozen premiere with weird makeup.

Her unusual makeup with white spots provoked heated discussions. Journalists even joked that the actress was trying to portray cold spots in reference to the film. But even this makeup mistake didn’t stop Hart from shining on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez opted for a fluffy pink dress for the premiere of Second Act.

The special thing about this dress is that it occupied the entire limousine and all the space surrounding the star.

What celebrity looks are stuck in your mind?

Shakira and Tom Cruise’s recent appearance together at the 2023 Miami Formula One Grand Prix has fans and media buzzing with speculation. Their evident chemistry, coupled with reports of Cruise’s keen interest in the singer, has many wondering if romance is on the horizon. This sighting came shortly after Shakira’s powerful speech at the Latin Women in Music gala, where she spoke candidly about her journey to self-discovery and empowerment following her split from Gerard Piqué.


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