17 Cool Makeup Tricks That May Seem Insane at First Sight

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3 years ago

In order to look beautiful and attractive, you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money. There are certain tricks that can help you look good while still leaving time for you to spend with your family or on hobbies.

Bright Side has made a compilation of strange, interesting, and simple life hacks from beauty bloggers that will have you feeling gorgeous and attractive in no time!

1. How to put lipstick on the corners of your lips

In order to prevent lipstick from smudging in the corners of your lips, hold a cotton swab in between the teeth. In this position, according to the blogger in this video, it’s much easier to put lipstick on.

2. How to make water-resistant mascara easily removable

Many girls know how difficult it is to remove water-resistant mascara. But if you’re scared of using regular mascara, you should use this trick: put regular mascara on and before it’s dry, put 2 layers of water-resistant mascara on top. Your makeup will look much better and it will be way easier to remove later on.

3. Making ombre lips

In order to achieve the ombre effect on your lips, you’ll need a concealer, a cotton swab, and a tissue. Put the concealer on the lips with lipstick and do as shown in this video.

4. How to quickly wash your makeup brushes

You’ve probably heard that it’s recommended to wash makeup brushes at least once a week (ideally, after every use). But this is a really boring thing to do so we tend to put it off.

But as it turns out, in order to wash your brushes more quickly and easily, all you need to do is use liquid soap dissolved in water and a small sifter. You can learn more about this method here.

5. How to deal with a lack of hair on your eyebrows

If you start to notice a lack of hair on your eyebrows, you’ll love this lifehack. All you need is fake eyelashes! Cut them, mix them with some non-toxic glue, and attach them to your eyebrow using a brush. This is what it looks like.

6. What to do if your favorite lipstick is dried out

Put the tube into a bowl of hot water (not boiling water, of course) and keep it there for 3 minutes. Then, just put on the lipstick the way you usually do. You can see how it works here.

7. Smokey eye makeup in just 10 seconds

You can make a simple smokey eye effect in a matter of seconds. Use a pencil to highlight the lower and upper eyelids (it doesn’t matter if it looks smudgy), rub the line with your finger, and put on a thick layer of mascara, as usual, keeping the brush in a vertical position. Thanks to the vertical position, the eyelashes become detached from each other and look more voluminous. Enjoy the result.

8. Correcting your nose shape using an eyebrow pencil

If you’re a rookie at makeup, you can follow a simple plan as described here. Use a pencil normally used for eyebrows and draw lines on your nose. Add a little bit of concealer and shade it with the makeup.

9. Getting rid of dark circles under your eyes

If you have dark circles under your eyes, you need a banana peel. Tear off 2 pieces of the peel and put them on your eyes for 1 minute. The skin under your eyes will look way fresher after doing this.

10. Making a French manicure using a cut brush

In order to give yourself a French manicure more easily, rub the brush that you use to put the nail polish on the tips, and use scissors to get them in the right shape. Now you can put the nail polish on. You can learn more about this process here.

11. How to remove nail polish with glitter

Glitter may look really cool on your nails, but it can be really hard to remove it. Try this: soak cotton balls in nail polish remover, put them on the nails and wrap your fingers in tin foil. Wait for a few minutes and the nail polish will be gone!

12. Another way to make a French manicure

This is another cheap and easy way to give yourself a French manicure. Put on a foundation layer. After it dries, put a band-aid on the edge of the nail. Put on one more layer of nail polish and remove the band-aid.

13. Pop art manicure

If you’re a fan of comics, you can easily make nail designs with the pictures of your favorite characters. Soak the desired pictures in nail polish remover, put them on the nails, remove them, and cover the nail with a protective layer. You can see this process in detail here.

14. Use chapstick to make your hair look neater

You can’t always have a styling product with you on-the-go but you probably always have a chapstick on hand. You can use the chapstick instead of a styling product for strays. Use this video as an example.

15. Using tights to get curly hair

You can use old tights to get curly hair. Split your hair into 2 parts and curl both of them using the tights. Fix them with a hair tie and leave them for a night. You can see more about the process here.

16. How to put on a dress or sweater without getting lipstick marks on them

This life hack may seem a little wild but it definitely works. If you’ve already done your makeup but haven’t put on your sweater or dress yet, you can use a clean bag in order to avoid staining your clothes! We found this trick here.

17. Getting eye makeup done in a flash

To get your eye makeup done as quick and simple as possible, use this trick. Take your lash curler and a regular eye pencil. Draw a line along the edge of the curler and then smudge the eyeliner using the curler. We found this lifehack here.

What beauty life hacks do you use? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

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