17 Manufacturers Whose Awesome Service Impressed Everyone Around Them

4 years ago

Every manufacturer who provides certain services tries to keep their clients satisfied and therefore, provides those services or goods in a way that encourages the consumer to buy from them again. Even small things such as extra Band-Aids in a wood carving kit, free samples for changing a detail on a computer, or a small pack of salt and a bay leaf in a pack of dumplings are extremely pleasant to get.

We at Bright Side never get tired of admiring the creativity and patience of people who try to improve their services or goods, no matter how small the gesture. Here’s another bunch of photos from Internet users who were very satisfied with something they bought.

“I bought dumplings which unexpectedly came with a flavor leaf and salt to cook them with.”

“My spoon carving kit came with Band-Aids.”

“My new laptop has a sliding cover for the webcam.”

“This chocolate bar comes with marked portions.”

“I work at a vet clinic and one of our orders had bubble wrap in the shape of bones.”

“This plug is designed to go around other plugs.”

“The aglet at the end of my drawstring isn’t crimped or glued — it’s held by a tiny screw.”

“This spoon has a built-in scale.”

“Our new fridge has a filtered water pitcher in it.”

“My new keyboard came with a free sample.”

“This glass holds exactly as much liquid as one can of soda.”

“My new inhalers have a countdown (200 uses total) on them so I don’t have to keep track of when they need to be replaced.”

“The way this sign gradually floats up on my espresso machine when the drip tray fills”

“My laptop has an expandable ethernet port to control the thickness of the enclosure.”

“This furniture hardware is sorted by step rather than by type.”

“This is perhaps the best toilet paper holder ever conceived.”

“This cafe serves coffee glacé this way and it’s very convenient.”

What other companies treat their clients with this kind of care? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit mycat_isastud / reddit


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I have one of those toilet paper holders… best thing i've ever bought!


I usually open up a box of lego, and open all the plastic packaging then sort them according to colors.. But once, after i sort them out, it turned out the legos in the plastic packages were already sorted out according to steps, just like the hardware packages.. ??‍♂️


All webcams need covers. You dont want the dark web or deep web watching and bidding on you 😉


Whats coffee glace? looks like ice cream lol....
TIL what aglet is.


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