17 Naughty Pets Who Keep Their Humans Busy 24/7

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It is no wonder that we get so attached to our pets. After all, they live with us under the same roof, and they bring us loads of fun and companionship. But when our furry friends decide they want our full attention, their mischievous acts around the house will ensure that we have to constantly keep an eye on them. And even though we might often feel frustrated or get angry because of their mischief, we quickly forget that we’re mad at them the moment they stare at us with their innocent eyes because our pets own our hearts.

1. ’’I am not in danger. I AM the danger.’’

2. ’’My cat escaped. Found her the next day outside my son’s bedroom window.’’

3. ’’I needed to use the restroom and saw this instead.’’

4. ’’My fiancée spent all last weekend putting plants into the garden planters. This morning we come down to this.’’

5. ’’This is Dr. Grey, he likes to make my job as difficult as possible.’’

6. ’’My dad says he can never eat anything in peace.’’

7. ’’Our cat ruined my grandma’s flower vase.’’

8. ’’He’s eating my sandwich while standing on the piece of bread I gave him.’’

9. ’’My new cat tearing up his adoption certificate.’’

10. ’’I think I found out why our last puzzle was missing a piece...’’

11. ’’I got my first succulent. It lasted 8 hours.’’

12. ’’When he’s not biting my face, he’s actually a really sweet boy.’’

13. ’’I was laying on my bed browsing Reddit when suddenly.’’

14. ’’My cat has strategically chewed a hole for his head in his favorite cardboard box.’’

15. ’’I am happy she doesn’t do stuff like this anymore.’’

16. ’’I guess I’m done with my coffee then.’’

17. ’’We wanted a romantic pic. Our dog had a different idea...’’

Do you have pets? How do you react when they start acting mischievously?

Preview photo credit Wirpvp / Reddit


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