17 Common Sayings That People Are Actually Tired of Listening To

4 months ago

Each of us has had to listen to unsolicited advice from time to time. And some of these “helpful suggestions” were not only needless, but also harmful. Reddit users decided to share what pieces of advice ought to be tossed aside.

  • “Follow your dreams, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” My version is that “capitalizing on dreams can be the fastest method of turning them into nightmares.” © Hugh_manateerian / Reddit
  • That going to college will “guarantee you a high paying job.” I heard that said all my childhood, and it just absolutely is not always true. Trade school degrees that are way cheaper can pay more and give you a better chance at a job. Wish someone would have told me this 15 years ago. © Minion0827 / Reddit
  • “Do what you love,” and its close cousin, “Follow your dreams.” The best counter advice or aphorism I ever got was from a former boss: “Work is work. If it were fun, they’d call it something else.” © gorillamagnet / Reddit
  • “Don’t be depressed, there are other people doing worse than you.” Thanks, I know that and try to help them sometimes. But that won’t help my depression leave just because I compare myself to other people having a worse life than me. © Scarmaster21 / Reddit
  • If someone says, “Don’t be depressed, there are people worse off than you,” you can reply with, “Don’t be happy, there are people much better off than you.” © heiberdee2 / Reddit
  • Pretty much anything about what age you have to be to buy a house, have kids, get married, have a career, or anything like that. Seriously, every person lives a different life than everyone else. Live your life the way that makes you happy. If you want. Up to you. © ******-Beefcake / Reddit
  • “Happy wife, happy life!” How about “Happy each partner tries to give 100%, happy life.” © TheGoodJudgeHolden / Reddit
  • “Never settle. Reach for the stars.” Sometimes knowing your limits is a good thing. Otherwise, you may refuse something good because you’re trying to get something that’ll never be possible. © macaronsforeveryone / Reddit
  • “Never go to bed angry.” When you’re tired and cranky, that’s not the best time to solve your problems. Get some sleep, clear your head, and talk about it in the morning...preferably after breakfast, so you’re not hungry. © Forsaken-Economy-416 / Reddit
  • “Life isn’t fair.” This is true advice, but my problem with it is that it’s usually used on children in arguments. Instead of teaching the child why they feel a certain way and how to deal with it, giving an apathetic shrug and a “life’s not fair” doesn’t help at all. © junosprinkler63 / Reddit
  • “Respect your elders.” You’re not entitled to my respect just because you’re old. If someone expects me to treat them with respect, they should at least be respectful as well. © thenexthefner / Reddit
  • “The customer is always right.” I don’t work retail or anything, but whenever I go shopping, I see a lot of customers verbally abusing store associates. It’s terrible. © yamsnavas2 / Reddit
  • “Some day, you’ll find the perfect person.” No, relationships are hard work. No person is perfect. It’s finding someone that you can learn and grow with that you, in fact, are looking for. © marsumane / Reddit
  • “Speech is silver, silence is golden.” I don’t think so, learn to speak, or you will always be listening to someone else. © SuvenPan / Reddit
  • When you’ve just had a baby: “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” When am I gonna shower, cook, clean, pump milk, take care of my other kids, do laundry, etc.? It’s not that easy, and for people to just throw it out there shows how out of touch they are. Most people don’t have housekeepers and whatnot. © eatglasslickrust / Reddit
  • “They’re plenty of fish in the sea.” I’ve always hated that one. Usually due to the timing of when the advice is given. © Taniell1575 / Reddit
  • “Nothing can replace your family.” This is such a ridiculous thing to say, often used by mothers when their son marries someone they don’t like. © Careless_****scape / Reddit

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