17 People Who Saw Something They Desperately Wanted to Forget

year ago

Every once in a while, we encounter a situation that stays engraved in our memory long after we’ve seen it. Whether it’s caused by a strange coincidence or a person we know that has a curious habit, not all sights are pleasant at first, especially when they are shocking. However, we end up appreciating those one-of-a-kind situations because they remind us that the beauty of life is that every day brings a brand-new experience, otherwise, our existence would be rather boring.

1. “How she cuts lemons...”

2. “My co-worker never washes their mug.”

3. ’’The worst game of hide and seek ever’’

4. ’’I ordered some gummy bears in the mail and this is what I got.’’

5. ’’So I walk into my office this morning...’’

6. ’’There is a water snake living in my toilet somehow.’’

7. ’’We ordered a wedding cake. This is what we got.’’

8. ’’Tenants called today to tell me the toilet wouldn’t flush, and the plumber turned up to this.’’

9. ’’When you slice bread and can’t make the sandwich’’

10. ’’It’s so hot in my apartment that my candles are melting.’’

11. ’’I got charged per onion ring and not all the rings cost the same amount.’’

12. ’’This just happened when I took my bananas out of a bag.’’

13. ’’As if public toilets didn’t give me enough anxiety.’’

14. ’’While looking for a file in my co-worker’s drawer, I found this...thing.’’

15. ’’I gave a kid a pencil, and this is how I got it back.’’

16. ’’The way my roommate ate my pie’’

17. “The passenger behind me”

What’s the strangest sight you’ve recently encountered? Do you have any eccentric habits yourself?


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