22 Powerful Photos That Prove Love Is All Around Us Every Day

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Photos preserve memories through snapshots of events and daily life. It’s also a way for us to look back on the times that touched our hearts. Whatever positive emotions an image may evoke, it will definitely make us think about how wonderful it is to witness that moment in our lives.

Let Bright Side put a smile on your face with these pictures that can truly warm your heart.

1. “My old lady and new puppy resting”

2. “My rescue dog has learned to trust me enough that she curled up next to me this morning!”

3. “My dad’s hosting Lian, a foreign exchange student from Mozambique. This is him seeing and holding snow for the first time. Pure joy!”

4. “My 90-year-old mom is beaming because she got her very first Easter basket.”

5. “Rusty loves going on road trips!”

6. “Me with my dad in 1999 and me with my daughter on Halloween 2021. Pass on what you have learned.”

7. “Wiggles and me 13+ years later!”

8. “After years of hard work, I realized my dream of living in the wilderness in a bus!”

9. “I’ve been having a difficult couple of weeks and my best friend surprised me with this! The jacket says, ’I love you beary much.’”

10. “Happy tears as I was reunited with my childhood toy 18 years after I lost it in a hurricane.”

11. “Date night for Dad, 88, and Mom, 86. Still have that spark. Still having fun.”

12. “My 100-year-old grandma with my 10-week-old puppy”

13. Dogs stay with us forever.

14. “Mere seconds after she said yes.”

15. “My best friend has survived cancer twice and made it to 15 years old this week.”

16. “4 years ago, I posted about getting my life on track and going on a first date with my new girlfriend. Today I got engaged.”

17. “What my mom was gifted for Teacher Appreciation Day at school from one of the least fortunate students.”

18. “So one of my cats felt the baby move today. She’s been like this ever since.”

19. “My cat is trying to play video games with my husband.”

20. “The way my girlfriend and dog sleep on the couch together, I can’t even!”

21. “Giant trees give the best hugs!”

22. “My 5-year-old daughter hugging our family’s latest newborn foster placement.”

Do you have your own photo that never fails to brighten up your day? Share it with us by posting it in the comment section. We’ll be waiting!

Preview photo credit beast1267/Reddit


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