17 Pics That Will Make Us Doubt Our Eyes

10 months ago

Sometimes life knows to play tricks on us, ordering mind-bending coincidences that can surely leave us utterly astounded. These extraordinary moments test the boundaries of our perception, leaving us pondering whether we are witnessing genuine reality or merely caught amid a captivating optical illusion.

1. “My friend’s cat got shaved at the vet.”

2. “Conjoined doggos”

3. “He can’t start the day without it.”

4. “The bookmark my husband got me.”

5. “My friend has a beard — he looked up today.”

6. A hotel room (it’s not a mirror)

7. “Sometimes after a hike our feet get confused.”

8. “A cloud... maybe”

9. “A broken tube TV at my work has ‘GAME OVER’ burnt into the screen.”

10. “My son found this at our local dollar store and I’m so confused.”

11. “I took a picture of a glitter-coated waterdrop sitting on a feather.”

12. “This little bug guy was just hanging out on my storm door.”

13. “Henlo”

14. “Headless subway man”

15. “Inline-Cat”

16. “Cat or bird?”

17. “My cat sleeping on my headless cat”

Even if your eyes are slowly betraying you, take a moment and try to look at things from different angles. That’s how you find the truth!

Preview photo credit pbrinkworth / Reddit


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