20 Images That Show How the Angle Can Deceive Even the Sharpest Eye

2 years ago

An adorable photo of a kid turns into a levitating masterpiece or an image that looks more like an ocean than a wall. Sometimes staging a scene to take the perfect photo doesn’t turn out the way we expect. In fact, some of the most surprising shots are those that we didn’t plan in advance.

We at Bright Side have a new collection of confusing perspective images that played us well and some we still can’t unsee.

1. “This picture of my friend’s daughter looks like she’s levitating and missing both legs.”

2. It looks like he is sitting inside the vanity.

3. “This is me 5 years ago just chilling on a levitating bench.”

4. Apparently there is a new type of snake, and I want one.

5. There is a huge spider on the fence.

6. “Floating toilet paper”

7. This baby’s got some long legs.

8. “Lady touching my brother at the gym”

9. “This half mirror makes someone else’s legs look like mine.”

10. “The white back wall of my courtyard garden looks like the ocean.”

11. “I thought something happened to the tomato.”

12. “No, the cat is not in the microwave.”

13. “The light on this door”

14. “Boxer boy looking back at you”

15. At least the cat tried to hide.

16. I would like to have a floating lamp too...

17. It’s not a reflection.

18. “Wearing different colored trainers”

19. We can’t tell who the head belongs to.

20. It looks like a character from a science fiction movie.

Which one did you find the most confusing? Have you ever taken a similar photo? If yes, you can share it with all of us.

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#3 doesn't work as you can clearly see the bench leg. Now #1 is boss level.
The kid in the first picture seems like she has taken the lyrics of dua lipa song levitating very seriously.

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