17 Retro Pics Where Our Grandparents Are So Cool, They Could Outshine Any Insta Blogger

4 years ago

Today, because everyone is carrying a camera in their pocket, we can take hundreds of pictures a day and choose the best ones to post on social media. Our grandmas and grandpas didn’t have that many pictures taken of themselves, and all of the rare photos of them that we still have today are precious gems.

Here at Bright Side we felt an urge to look through our old family photo albums when we saw these 17 retro pics, and we wondered if you’d feel nostalgic while looking at them too.

1. “My grandma at age 41. I only hope to look that good when I’m 41! (1963)”

2. “My grandpa looking devilishly handsome in the ’40s”

3. “My grandma and grandfather in Thailand in the ’60s. Anyone know how they pulled off this effect?”

4. “My grandma when she was a Flamenco dancer with a traveling company, late 1950s”

5. “My gorgeous grandparents, 1943”

6. “My grandmother as a teenager, posing on a motorcycle, 1960s”

7. “Japan, 1950s. My grandfather on the day of his coming of age ceremony (20 years old)”

8. “My grandpa, circa 1950, with his pet raccoon, Stinky”

9. “My grandma in her senior year of high school, 1971”

10. “My grandma in 1968. She did everything from change tires to oversee all the details of my grandfather’s racing career.”

11. “My grandmother had style. Detroit, 1938”

12. “My grandparents’ selfie in the ’60s”

13. “My grandma in the ’60s looking like a model”

14. “My great-grandfather looks just like Johnny Depp.”

15. “My grandparents in 1945”

16. “While cleaning out my grandma’s porch, we found this photo of her mother (my great-grandma) who came to America from Italy. (1920s)”

17. “My grandma and her Irish Wolfhound in 1974”

Do you have cool retro photos of your grandparents to share? Please show them to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit gabsteriinalol / Reddit


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These guys look stylish, that even right now they would easily fit anywhere


This is so beautiful that it makes me sad.. everything is temporary :(


These made me feel nostalgic. I just I was born in the 70s


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