17 Times People’s Luck Decided Not to Show Up

11 months ago

People often blame the world for the bad or unpleasant things that happen to them. And while sometimes bad things happen due to coincidences, most of the time, they are attributed to our poor decision-making. For example, you can’t blame luck for a bad haircut you had if you told your inexperienced friend to give you a cut. So, maybe people should count more on their own instincts rather than on luck.

1. “Stayed at work for the storm. This is the road I take home.”

2. “I was going to surprise my kids with a bag of churros.”

3. “Let my friend cut my hair.”

4. “Road marking paint fell off a truck, covering this Jeep.”

5. “I just wanted to clean the window.”

6. “Took my kids swimming and came home with a grand total of 65 mosquito bites. My kids had 2 between the 3 of them.”

7. “I might have overfilled my knife holder.”

8. “The way my luck has been this year, I’m not even surprised at this point.”

9. “Just ordered a pepperoni pizza.”

10. “First log too.”

11. “My glasses finally came. Paid $375 and decided to save $80 and not get insurance, and my daughter got ahold of them 2 hours after arriving.”

12. “Walmart shipped me my new cooler with some sort of security device attached to it.”

13. “After eating half of my banana chips I found this.”

14. “Wow, you had one job.”

15. “The city’s giving more space to cyclists. Pedestrians: ...”

16. “Exploding ketchup packet”

17. “Dropped a table on my big toe.”

Did you ever have a day when nothing seemed to go right and luck was not on your side? How did you get through it, and what was the first thing you did after you were back home?

Preview photo credit B***Reject / Reddit


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