First 2019 Challenge Has Appeared. It’s All Because Adele Decided to End Her Career

4 years ago

At the end of 2018, singer Adele announced that she would leave the stage. She said she would not do any more live concerts. The reason was simple: Adele admitted that the live shows just don’t bring her any joy and she wants to dive into raising her 6-year-old son. This news shocked her fans and turned into a sad, but still epic, challenge.

Almost right after the announcement, a video appeared on TikTok where a Haribo bear is on a stage singing Someone Like You with Adele’s voice. Then, the camera moves and you can see 200 more singing bears. Well, you should watch the video (and of course, turn the sound on).

The video has 1.4 million likes and is the first challenge for 2019 with the hashtag #haribochallenge. Thousands of users loved the video and decided to recreate it.

#haribochallenge soon turned into the #adelechallenge that is all over Instagram right now. People are making videos with iPhones, eggs, and other unusual items.

With cosmetics

With ravioli

With chicken eggs

With Oreos

With money

With logs

And even... with tooth implants

2019 started with a great challenge that anyone can take part in. Are you going to participate?

Preview photo credit davidkasprak / @instagram


my russian mind is blown away there's a word in english for "пельмени"!! [ravioli]. I'll never be the same anymore

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