15 Uber Drivers Who Deserve More Than 5 Stars

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Sometimes an Uber ride is more than taking customers from Point A to Point B. Most of us have, at least once, experienced something funny, crazy, or bizarre during our Uber ride, which we often share with our friends, followers on social networks, etc. By the way, they aren’t always negative experiences.

1. “This is my Uber driver Beni. He took me to the hospital and kept me company since most of my family lives out of the state.”

2. Customer-centric service

3. “The way this taxi driver packed my family’s luggage to take us to the airport”

4. Sometimes the best you can do is remain silent.

5. “I got in a taxi, and a kitty came to see me from the front seat. I hugged her and she fell asleep in my arms. It turned out that the driver found her last night but he hadn’t managed to go home yet, so the kitty was still in the car.”

Atikkil / Pikabu

6. The best Uber driver in the world

7. “Thanks to this Uber driver, I finally got a chance to play the game I had always wanted to play.”

8. “My Uber driver displays photos of his past passengers’ dogs. Everyone can send a photo of their pet to his email.”

9. This kind of service might be worth 10 stars.

polar23 / Pikabu

10. “The driver shared his food with me, because he cannot eat alone.”

Alantir / Pikabu

11. “My Uber tonight is so extra! Yes, that is a karaoke and disco lights.”

12. “First ever solo vacation and I ended up leaving my wallet in a taxi in NYC. I thought I was going to be homeless. The taxi driver found my wallet, looked at my driver’s license, found me on Facebook, and made sure I got my wallet back!”

13. This Uber driver has a Nintendo set up in the backseat.

Dako / Pikabu

14. This note hanging from this taxi driver’s steering wheel will melt the heart of every passenger.

“Dear daddy, thank you for working so hard for us.
I love you a lot.
Love, Resi”

15. “My taxi driver calls to say he has arrived at my apartment building and asks me to bring down a cup of water for his puppy. Meet T2, my taxi driver’s puppy!”

And what was your most memorable taxi ride? Have you come across drivers like this?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit ZachSvo / Twitter


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I would like to get a ride with this karaoke guy. What a cool thing would this be :D


As for me, the best Uber driver is the one who doesn't talk and lets me to listen to my music. 100 stars out of 5!


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