17 Unique Children Who Were Born to Beat the System

People say that children who question authority or rules are often very intelligent. On the other hand, it is also known that an excellent way to stimulate their imagination is to let them discover what they’re interested in by exploring the world. It is not surprising, therefore, that children keep coming up with crazy, fun ideas that can’t cease to amaze us.

At Bright Side, we know that the spontaneity of children can be an inexhaustible source of laughter, so we made a selection of photographs that remind us that sometimes it is necessary to break the molds and live the creative side of life.

1. “Built my nephew a playhouse. He’s gonna be a great old man someday.”

2. “First, there was crying, and then there was laughing. Much laughing. Don’t worry, the baby is fine.”

3. “My daughter wanted to be in the photo with us. We didn’t tell her we were going to kiss.”

4. “There are two types of kids on the first day of school.”

5. “This kid at my nephew’s soccer game”

6. “So proud of his work.”

7. “This is how my son ate his banana this morning.”

8. “Two-year-old insisted that the puzzle is built like this.”

9. “My daughter (9) offered to use her newly acquired photo editing skills and smooth out her brother’s acne.”

10. “My son playing hide-and-go-seek.”

11. “My nephew is running away from home.”

12. “Went shopping and my daughter found her doppelgänger.”

13. “So, um... My boy did the thing.”

14. “My daughter dressed herself for the very first time.”

15. “My kid wanted to ‘open’ the banana by herself this morning.”

16. “My wife teaching our daughter about shapes....was a little concerned at first.”

“The relief when it’s just playstation.” © kenubinina / Reddit

17. “Meet Carl, the intelligent robot my son made for me to help me with my ‘computer files’ and give me more time to play with him.”

What anecdote do you remember from your school days? If you have little ones at home, feel free to share their stories too.


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