17 Women Who Thought “Who Knows Me Better Than Me?” and Got a Perfect Makeover

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Makeup and hair are two things that people often prefer to pay someone to get done. However, as you might know, the result can be disappointing. That’s why some people like to take matters into their own hands and get a complete makeover without going to a professional.

Bright Side wants to pay tribute to many brave women who chose to get a DIY makeover and did it so well that they managed to pull off a unique style. This article could be a great source of inspiration for you too!

1. “Did an Afro for my wedding day, what y’all think?”

2. “My sister taught me how to do my makeup, and this is my third time doing it on my own.”

3. “Blonde underlights, done by myself”

4. “Trying wedding makeup! First time using accent lashes.”

5. “Before and after color and reshaving my deathhawk”

6. “Cut all the bleach off!”

7. “Practicing my wedding makeup.”

8. “Cut my own hair because I’m never happy at the hairdresser. Very pleased with it. First pic my cut, second pic a curly specialist cut.”

9. “Before/After. I shaved it in March 2020, and finally started looking after it.”

10. “I got married yesterday and done my own makeup, which lasted for 14 hours. I felt so cute!”

11. “On a whim, but I love it!”

12. “I impulsively cut my bangs. I kind of like them, but everyone around me was extremely shocked. The first picture is me before.”

13. “Before and after: never felt more like myself.”

14. “Got many suggestions to try a bob with a fringe, so I decided to cut my own hair today for my birthday.”

15. “I wore my hair curly for my wedding day!”

“Not sure why I assumed I should do something else with it. Anyway, glad I let my natural curls be for such a beautiful day.”

16. “Doing my own wedding makeup.”

17. “I finally chopped my hair! First photos day of, the last one is today, styling on my own, and a very different outfit/makeup.”

What were the most drastic style changes you made in your life? Share before and after photos.

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