14 Ads Whose Creators Knew Exactly How to Attract Attention

10 months ago

Advertising is more than the engine of commerce — it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Powerful advertisements can hook us and stay inside our mind for a long time, just like a movie or a painting.

Bright Side prepared a good range of great ads for you. Some of them can even be called masterpieces.

14. This yoga studio ad shows the results you will achieve from classes.

13. A minimalistic ad for drawing classes

12. “The Power of Dreams” — Honda’s motivational campaign

11. Hot Yoga Studio ad

10. A Norwegian bank ad campaign promotes consumer loans — “Saving. It Might Take a While.”

9. A sensual ad for a tattoo parlor

8. We’ve never seen anything like this kitchen furniture ad before.

7. A very spacious Cadillac and its ad — “No More Back Seat Fights”

6. McCafe ad

5. Tide detergents ad

4. A juicy ad for ice cream

3. A powerful ad for a Canadian water park

2. IKEA ad campaign — “Smart Solutions for the Smallest Homes”

1. Axe Effect ad

Share your favorite ads in the comments below!

Preview photo credit splashdownwaterpark.com


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