18 Before and After Photos That Show the Power of Time

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Photography is one of the best inventions in all of humanity. It’s a peculiar time machine that helps us to go back in time to recall the best moments of our pasts, or to follow the progress and inevitability of our changes. But the best comparisons can be made when you put before and after photos side by side.

At Bright Side, we enjoy looking at photos taken at different times and comparing them. And we’d like to share this pleasure with you!

A father with his beloved girls 10 years ago and now

This toucan with a reconstructed beak done through 3D printing

Zlatni Rat beach in Croatia after a storm

“My boy and I when he was a pup and then the bottom is from maybe 2 years ago. He’s 15 years old and going strong!”

A bike ride in Kreuzberg then (1985) and now (2018)

“Our first trip (2013) became the place where he proposed to me (2018).”

17 years together

“All these years and it’s still her favorite place.”

What a difference 3 years can make!

“Photos of my high school (left) and college (right) graduations, side by side. Love how much happier I look after college. I still consider it to be the best years of my life.”

There are only 15 months between these 2 photos but it looks like a whole lifetime.

“My mom’s phone from 1998 vs my phone from 2018”

“We met in second grade in 1997. Here we are 21 years later.”

“Our yearly reenactment of ’The Circle of Life’ on the anniversary of his adoption”

“18 years of loving the most excellent kid!”

The first office of Apple vs their current office

This is Jonathan, a giant tortoise. He was born in 1832. The photo on the left was taken in 1902, the one on the right, in 2017. Jonathan is 187 years old now.

22 years together and counting...

Which before and after photos did you like the best? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit likeallstuff / Reddit


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There is a couple of pics that are false. The last one of the turtle, the first one looks dead, You usually don't see a turtle laying like that. The other one is the girl from high school grad to college grad. That is two different people, the eyes are not even the same.


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