18 Grannies That Were So Beautiful in Their Youth, They Can Take Your Breath Away

2 years ago

Grannies are synonymous with homemade food, fulfilled cravings, gifts, and lots of love. But behind all that unconditional love for the family are beautiful women who fully enjoyed their years of youth and splendor. At least this is how things are portrayed in the photographs uploaded by Internet users, in which we can see the young souls more beautiful and jovial than ever.

At Bright Side, we were surprised to compile these images in which grannies look as glorious as the most famous Hollywood divas.

1. “My great-grandmother Nancy, probably taken in the 1930s”

2. “My grandma decided to travel the world later in life and talked her best friends into going with her.”

“She took more than 30 trips in her forties and fifties.”

3. “My mother, colorized, 18 years old, 1959”

4. “My beautiful grandmother, Iris, in the late 1950s.”

5. “My mom and her 3 stylish sisters (Philly, early 1960s)”

6. “My grandmother in the 1930s”

7. “This beautiful bride is my grandmother on her wedding day, the 1940s”

8. “My mother the way she was in the 1950s vs today”

9. “My great-grandmother in the 1940s”

10. “My grandmother in 1946 — she’s celebrating her ninety-sixth birthday today!”

11. “My grandma in the ’50s. She is now entering the end stages of Alzheimer’s, so I came across this as we are preparing for what’s next.”

12. “Here’s my grandma having fun and posing for photos for with girlfriends, circa 1955.”

“My mom said my grandma and her girlfriends would go around the neighborhood and pose for pics, and each one would get a turn. She’s almost 94 now and in assisted living.”

13. “My grandma, circa 1980”

14. “My grandmother looked like an Instagram model before Instagram even existed in the late ’70s or early ’80s.”

15. “1955 — Grandma was a hip lady. I heard my grandparents threw some wild parties in their twenties and thirties.”

16. “My grandma getting some sun in the 1950s!”

17. “My grandmother was a ballerina in the late ’40s”

18. “My beautiful grandmother, July 20, 1939”

What is a picture of your grandma that makes you most proud? Tell us something about her in the comments.

Preview photo credit InquiringMind886 / Reddit


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Not to knock any of these lovely ladies but I think my mom knocks it out of the park! She was around 18 in this pic, in her older sisters wedding. She died in 2007 at 69yrs old. Her name was Catherine.

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