16 Pictures That Prove We Still Know Very Little About the World We Are Living In

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We are living in a world where learning never stops, and every single day strikes with some new insight. If you had no idea that horses could grow mustaches, that kangaroos can be real bodybuilders, or that cows don’t have upper teeth, stay with us and we’ll guide you through this gallery of the unknown.

“Live and learn” is what we at Bright Side were thinking while looking at these pics, and we hope they’ll surprise you too!

1. It turns out that horses can grow mustaches.

2. Owls’ legs are, in fact, incredibly long.

3. Shark teeth (small) vs Megalodon teeth found in Virginia, USA

4. Some kangaroos can build impressively huge muscles.

5. A fluffy calf that rocks its gorgeous hair

6. This is not a pin cushion, this is a succulent plant called Euphorbia obesa.

7. How the Mona Lisa is dusted when the visitors are gone

8. A purely white honeycomb that bees abandoned right after building it

9. An alien-like baby armadillo

10. When kittens have their adult teeth growing in, they have double fangs for a while.

11. These are cucamelons. They look like watermelons, but taste like sour cucumbers.

12. This is a rare blue lobster. The chances of catching one are one in 2 million.

13. A baby panda in an incubator for newborns

14. The different colored eyes of this cat show different color reflections from the camera’s flash.

15. These jelly-like substances are in fact sea animals called salps.

16. The skeleton of a giant stingray

Which of these pictures showed you something new? Do you have your own “wow” pictures that show something few of us have ever seen? We’d be glad if you shared your pictures and thoughts in the comment section!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit MrPuckett / Imgur


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You can see on shark's teeth how sharp they are. That's a bit scary ?


So interesting! I wonder why bees leave the honeycomb. Dont they spend a lot of time buildung it??


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