18 Popular Movie Clichés That Never Cease to Annoy Movie Fans

3 years ago

To impress audiences or get the plot moving, filmmakers have to come up with various tricks. But it’s a pity that sometimes, only contrived coincidences or age-old clichés come to mind. They no longer evoke emotions but instead just make us roll our eyes.

We at Bright Side are pretty sure we’ve got a good guess about what is written in the manual for movie industry workers and we’re sure that this is how everything works in this industry.

  • Is there any cowardly, problematic character in the movie who only messes things up? Well, wait a bit — in the end, they will certainly perform some heroic deed and save everyone.

  • When a character answers a phone call, but we can’t hear the person on the other end, they will repeat their every word, “Do you need money? $5,000? Until Wednesday?”
  • If someone said that some event is impossible, then it will certainly happen. It’d be nice if our dreams always came true this way too.

  • Women’s armpits are always shaved. It’s an apocalypse outside or the heroine has been running for months from zombies or trying to survive in outer space — but it doesn’t matter. If she raises her arm, we’ll find out that she shaved her armpits at least yesterday.

  • Apparently, in the world of cinema, there are special suitcases that are used to carry $1 million. No one even checks whether the entire amount of money is truly there, because if the suitcase is full, then we know for sure how much money it contains. They’re probably sold on every corner because people often need these suitcases.

  • Even if the characters are driving on a flat and straight road, they still need to constantly turn the steering wheel, as if they’re avoiding obstacles. At the same time, drivers can always turn to the passengers who are sitting in the back and talk to them for a whole minute. We hope that in real life, no one ever does this.

  • Any character who, for some reason, appears on screen but who doesn’t really do anything or pretends to be a fool, will turn out to not be the person who we thought they were.

  • Ordinary people are always better at solving cases than the police. Servants of the law, in most films, play the role of sirens and flashing lights and appear only when the crime has been solved.

  • According to the plot, people might be friends since childhood or be married for 20 years, but if we get to see their texts, they will only have one single message to each other.

  • Families prepare 100 dishes for an ordinary dinner that no one eats. Adults talk to each other and children turn up their noses at food. Dogs, if there are any, are the only ones who will want to join the meal.

  • The blanket, after any explicit scene, suspiciously takes the shape of the Latin letter L, covering the body of the woman and the hips of the man. Well, we understand what they are trying to hide from us, but in real life, this rule doesn’t work.

  • The bathroom is one of the places where an unexpected turn in a character’s life will certainly happen. Perhaps that is why they so rarely go there — they are just afraid. Even after sleep, they don’t rush to go into the bathroom. And if the action takes place in a dark forest and the character needs to move away from their group of people, then you can expect some trouble for sure.

  • Men seek women with a manic persistence. In the end, she gives up and the romance begins. In reality, she would probably call the police.

  • Movie snipers are not looking for easy ways and always give away their location with the laser sights on the gun. As if no one would notice this red dot on a character.

  • What movie breakfast on weekdays looks like — you can take your time, cook tons of food, and chat with your family. We don’t know how they manage to do it because ordinary people only have time to take a shower, warm up yesterday’s food, or quickly eat a bread roll.

  • If women are being chased, they always stumble and fall. We don’t know what this disease is, but usually, people don’t fall like this out of the blue. And if this happens, then they try to crawl away at a snail’s pace, while facing their pursuer.

  • It doesn’t matter what the protagonist’s occupation is or whether they work at all, but if we aren’t watching a dramatic movie, then their home will look like they’re a successful businessman. Of course, in life, it also happens that a rich family leaves an inheritance to a relative, but it’s a pity that it doesn’t happen as often as in the movies.

  • Girls easily fall in love with the vilest characters or stupid muscle men who make fun of them. At the same time, the good-natured people who do everything for them end up in the friend zone.

What movie clichés make you roll your eyes?


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"Girls easily fall in love with the vilest characters or stupid muscle men who make fun of them. At the same time, the good-natured people who do everything for them end up in the friend zone".
OMG this is so true in movies🤣


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