18 Times Animals Decided They Need to Act More Human-like

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Our lovely animals sometimes surprise us with their behavior. Your dog may love chips and steal them behind your back. A cat may act like a toddler who loves to suck a pacifier. All these human-like habits make us feel like they are not just pets but our real friends, or our fur babies.

We at Bright Side never cease to be touched by animals, and we rounded up some adorable photos for you that can make you smile.

1. Puppy training

2. “On the train to Manchester”

3. “One of our kittens will only sleep in my daughter’s doll’s bathtub.”

4. “Will you be my friend?”

5. “Stella doesn’t like sitting on the plastic!”

6. “He reminds me of a tired businessman in a steam room.”

7. “Earl the Grumpy Puppy”

8. “Just woke up from a nap looking like a toddler with his binky.”

9. “Hard working doggo on his daily morning commute”

10. “Welcome to my office.”

11. “Matching smiles”

12. “She took the midnight train going anywhere.”

13. “Just looking out of the window.”

14. “My dog thinks he’s a human.”

15. “Princess Moon Moon has encountered an error.”

16. “I caught this scrub hanging out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride. Trying to holler at me.”

17. “My 15-year-old deaf Cocker Spaniel thought he was being sneaky while loudly stealing chips. I was right behind him.”

18. This kitty slept like a human after her surgery.

Do you have a pet? What habits does it have?

Preview photo credit Harryism / Reddit, oyvindjs / Imgur


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