15 Things We Never Imagine Seeing Until We’re Surprised by Life Once Again

2 years ago

When you think you’ve seen everything, life throws you a curveball, or in the case of Ann Hodges, a meteorite. On November 30, 1954, a 4.5-billion-year-old space rock came through the roof of the unsuspecting lady’s home and officially made her the first person to be hit by a meteorite. Relax, there’s a happy ending to the story, and the woman even becomes a celebrity. But this story illustrates something very important. In no circumstances can you assume there is nothing that can surprise you, as life is just going to smirk and prove you wrong in an instant.

Bright Side presents 15 pictures that prove surprises big and small in scale lurk around every corner, and you never know when it’s going to be your lucky day to come across a little miracle.

1. “Duck and cover!”

2. “Our hospital left the old facade and built around it.”

3. “This sweet potato that looks like a kiwi bird”

4. “My forgotten office cactus suddenly bloomed with this insane flower...”

5. “Was rinsing out my coffee cup and it gave me a look...”

6. “Ice formed a little fractal forest on my window.”

7. “A used match looks exactly like a mic stand.”

8. “I’ve never seen a double banana before.”

9. “This tree I found grows into itself.”

10. “A pepper-shaped lemon from my tree”

11. “Had a praying mantis nest hatch by my front door!”

12. “One of the eggs I poached this morning came out looking like a human heart.”

13. “This crack in the pavement was filled with a stained glass cat portrait.”

14. “I found a cyclops moth and it was huge...bigger than half my hand!”

15. “This morning I found a bat sleeping in my window — INSIDE the screen.”

When was the last time you saw something incredible in your everyday life?

Preview photo credit WullieBlake / Imgur


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