18 Times Hoomans Didn’t Recognize Their Dogs After Picking Them Up From the Groomer

3 years ago

We all deserve to change our look every once in a while and our pets are no exception when it comes to this rule. It’s just that, like their hooman, when they come back, they sometimes look so different that even their owners are tempted to think they got the wrong dog back from the groomer. A few Reddit and Bright Side users noticed this and shared their pets’ before and after pictures to see if other people could relate to the feeling.

So Bright Side made a compilation of all the pics, showing how dogs changed after going to the dog groomer and they are all pretty funny! Take a look!

1. “I just took her for a bath, and the groomer gave her back looking like this 😂”

2. She really needed a cut.

3. Came back with a totally new hairstyle

4. “Somehow she got a haircut, and looks older.”

5. “My Puchy”

6. Ready to conquer the hearts of all the dogs out there!

7. “She’s one of my clients, Bella ❤️”

8. “The first time I actually really thought they gave me back a different dog hahaha”

9. Totally pulling off the makeover

10. “How he looked when I dropped him at the groomer vs How he came back”

11. “After a whole day at the dog spa... Clearly not taking her back there ever again 🤣. She kinda looks like a pillow.”

12. “It’s not my thing, I just cut my dog’s hair myself. He doesn’t look like he usually does, but it was impossible to keep his bear-like looks.”

13. “My lovely boy”

14. “What a difference a haircut makes!”

15. “Handsome old boy to cute puppy in one hair cut”

16. “Charlie, before and after his spring haircut”

17. “We rescued a Maltese from a puppy mill in Georgia that got busted with over 700 dogs this weekend. After 3 hours of cutting matted hair and bathing, here is Luna’s before and after.”

18. “My puppy Otis got his first haircut. I’m not sure they gave me back the same dog.”

How was the before and after of your own pet after visiting the vet or the groomer? Share your photos and anecdotes in the comment section!

Preview photo credit © Doggo-In-Disguise / Reddit


A good owner will make sure their dog gets his hair cut often! It makes a huge difference and the dog looks a lot healthier
#2 is the cutest Muppet puppers I ever did see! Many of these sweet puppies were probably glad to cool off.
I'm sure she will be cooler in the summer. It will grow back.lol

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