18 Times Renovations Went Out of Control and Made Us Exclaim “Why?”

2 years ago

On average, people spend $15,000 on renovations. But money may not be the most important thing in this matter. Logic means a lot more. After all, without it, we risk getting “masterpieces” that make us laugh and feel sorry at the same time.

And we at Bright Side will show you such examples. Note: they can make you scratch your head in awe and think, “How is this possible?”

1. “How do we get the couch up?”

2. “My uncle’s house got a bathroom without a door, literally the first thing you see when you enter the house.”

3. “10-year-old me lighting up any room in the Sims:”

4. “Door? No! Window? Also no!”

5. “May I present to you: The weird stairs at my house.”

6. “This building right in front of our apartment”

7. “Every time I do the dishes, I’m switching the light on and off.”

8. “The toilet and the paper being at opposite sides of the room at a hotel I’m staying at”

9. “This hut is only standing on some bricks. I wonder how long this will hold??”

10. “I spent 15 minutes looking for a plug in my hotel room... The only one is behind the radiator.”

11. “I have no idea what floor I’m on...”

12. “Let’s put the house’s fuse box in the shower.”

13. “And sometimes people use the left part...”

14. “A drain water can’t flow into”

15. “Grandma’s bathrooms are carpeted.”

16. “Not sure what the thinking is here”

17. “What is going on with this balcony?”

18. “Our municipality finally made bike lanes for us!”

Have you ever seen strange designs and renovations like these? What were they?

Preview photo credit sarsina / Reddit


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