18 Touching Photos That’ll Make You Shed a Tear or Two

4 years ago

There are 2 types of photos in the world — the ones that we scroll through without any hesitation and the ones that can keep us staring at them for a long time. All because the emotions depicted in them won’t leave anyone indifferent — it feels as if you feel every single tear or smile when looking at them.

We at Bright Side love touching moments because they make us stop and think about how wonderful this life is, despite all the sad moments it brings.

Chinese doctor says goodbye to his wife before departing to Wuhan city to treat coronavirus patients.

My veteran grandpa was asked by a little girl if he would do it all again. He said, “Yes, for you.”

Medical team members have their hair cut so it doesn’t get in the way of protective gear before leaving for Wuhan.

This little guy has new paws.

This father created a tombstone for his deceased son who was in a wheelchair. “Free of earthly burdens.”

After a woman was taken to the hospital with low blood sugar, 2 policemen stayed behind to prepare dinner for the 5 kids who were still in the house. Afterward, they also did the dishes.

The workers at a nursing home bring an elderly couple to the sea and their reaction is priceless.

A doctor created a “special prescription” for an illiterate patient.

“This is my son and his cat, Pepper. She comes to him when he’s having a meltdown and calms him down.”

“My mother and father. Photos taken 51 years apart.”

“My little girl was born yesterday. Happy and healthy. I couldn’t stop crying.”

“Grandma quilted her whole life. It seemed appropriate to celebrate her passing by displaying her work.”

“I sent my stepmom a pic of my now shaved head because of chemo and she sent me back this. She made me feel like a warrior when I really needed it.”

“My mom fast asleep and holding my dad’s arm about 30 minutes before he passed away.”

“Being in chemo all day is not exactly how I pictured spending my 21st birthday, but hey! I made it to 21!”

A community in one of Wuhan’s districts provides free vegetables for its residents.

“The previous owner wanted to euthanize her due to her kidney disease. I adopted her instead. Her kidney levels are now within normal range and she’s my best friend!”

“My mother is in the middle of chemo and hasn’t been able to visit my dad, who is also in the middle of treatment, because the hospital is too dangerous for her. Today his doctor let him meet her in the courtyard.”

Have these photos made you appreciate your life even more? Which photo impressed you the most? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit Wang Fei/Xinhua News/East News


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