19 Clever Inventions That Can Make Any Parent Sigh With Relief

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4 years ago

An average toddler sleeps about 10-14 hours a day. As they grow up, this amount of time gets reduced and children become more and more curious about the world around them. To keep their children safe and sound, parents have to look after them day and night. Luckily, today there are tons of modern inventions that can make every parent’s life much easier.

Bright Side collected 19 of the coolest inventions that can make your life as a parent more comfortable.

19. A hands-free shoulder carrier for toddlers

18. A baby pool in the shower

17. A sign that gives your child a visual limit of toilet paper they’re allowed to use

16. Mess-free sand

15. A sleepy hat for a perfect nap

14. A baby carrier hoodie

13. A funny chore chart

12. Stylish accessories that also provide relief to teething children

11. A travel pillow that supports your child’s head

10. A bathtub faucet extender

9. A toy storage bag — no more mess on the floor!

8. A baby’s poop alarm that alerts you instantly of a dirty diaper

7. A bottle holder

6. A bowl that keeps food from falling out

5. A keep-it-clean pacifier

4. A bib that catches all the leftovers

3. An ear thermometer

2. A portable travel tray that keeps your child busy on the road

1. Anti-slip knee socks for safe crawling

Which of these products would you like to buy? Or maybe you’ve already created your own inventions to make your life easier? Share your opinions with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit fjordliebe / instagram, dhgate.com


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