19 Designers Who Struggled to Up the Ante

year ago

Just ask a designer if you need someone to make an off-the-wall decision. Maybe the result won’t be that functional, but it’ll definitely be eye-catching. If you want to create something by yourself, here are some examples of how far the imagination can go.

1. Eye-catching makeup

2. “No mirror?”

3. “Imagine being this into Mountain Dew.”

4. “I guess it’s art.”

5. “This candle”

6. “Family bathroom”

7. This Tetris mirror

8. “A late-night bathroom emergency could become a real trip to the emergency room.”

9. “Door knockers on glass”

10. “168$ for these Jeans”

11. “Trying to figure out what this sign means for the past 5 years.”

12. “I thought this was a broken and poorly fixed Hula-Hoop at my local toy store until I picked up another. It turns out it’s the actual design.”

13. “Oh, didn’t want to misplace it!”

14. “Meanwhile in Hungary.”

15. “I hope the electrician knows the sprinkler’s schedule.”

16. “A so-called code-compliant building from Istanbul”

17. “Sorry I’m late, I got stuck at work.”

18. “My friend’s gold-painted Dyson hanging above the couch”

19. “I was just killing time at Goodwill.”


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