19 Employees Whose Bosses Made Them Dream About Moving to Another Planet

2 years ago

For many people, having a steady job is a blessing. For some workers, however, the opposite is true. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a kind and empathetic boss who is genuinely dedicated to maintaining a good work environment. Some behave irreverently, wiping any trace of a smile off their employees’ faces.

At Bright Side, we sympathize with these employees, whose bosses effortlessly go out of their way to play the company ogre. At the end of the article, don’t miss a funny bonus we have for you.

1. “My employer sent me this...”

2. “Meals (1 per person) we get at my job for shifts that can last up to 12 hours”

3. “My ‘boss’ has no regard for a customer’s expensive chair even after I told her how much it’s worth.”

4. “This burrito at my job is $5.54 and we’re not allowed to leave to get food.”

5. “This is what I got for working one year at my job. They spelled my last name wrong... pathetic.”

6. “When I resigned, my boss told people to not get me anything for my farewell.”

Put in my 2 weeks, trained a person, left notes and instructions, planned events for the whole year... and my boss told people to not have a goodbye lunch and to not buy anything. Now they’re starting to see very small bits of why I can’t stand him.”

7. “Called my boss and said, ’How do you expect me to work like this.’ She said ’Try your best.’ I’m a barista.”

8. “A customer broke this, and I have to put it back like nothing happened because my boss will make me pay for it.”

9. “This was the only fire alarm system we had in one of the old buildings I worked in.”

10. “Thanksgiving gift from my employer. Not even joking.”

11. “My employer contracted out some cable work. This was the result.”

12. “How my mom’s employer shipped her $2,000 work laptop”

13. “We had a birthday at the office today and our boss insisted on cutting the cake.”

14. “I am an HR assistant and forced to use paper to track my working hours instead of doing it on Excel or with an HR software.”

15. “This keyboard at my place of employment. It’s covered with aluminum dust.”

16. “My boss has turned our ’break room’ into a workshop.”

17. “My boss insists we add this to the bleach for cleaning, absolutely refuses to buy more and continues to dilute what little is left.”

18. “I told my boss I was gonna get my arm checked out at 3:30 (the time we go home) now the whiteboard says, ’6-6 no exceptions’”

19. “4 PM on a Friday and my boss handed me a stack of invoices to make sure they have been paid. That’s not even my job!”

Bonus: When the boss leaves, it’s time to celebrate!

What has been your worst work experience? If you have been fortunate enough to work with empathetic people, what has been the most touching thing they have done for you?

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Perhaps these people shouldn't complain. They should count themselves lucky to have jobs


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