19 Internet Users Tell Us About the Worst Hotels They’ve Ever Stayed At

5 years ago

At one time or another, everyone has probably been dissatisfied with a hotel room, whether it be because an air conditioner didn’t work, there were broken sockets and Wi-Fi, unsafe safes, or a silly design in the bathroom. Internet users told us about the most unpleasant surprises that they faced in their hotel rooms.

Bright Side hopes you’ll never be disappointed with your hotel, whether you’re on a business trip or vacation.

A hotel in Venice for $428 per night. Are the bathrooms communal there?

One more half an inch and you’d be happy...

“It’s okay, I booked a room for 3.”

The early bird gets the worm.

“The hotel I’m staying in is keeping the plastic covers on its fire alarms to keep them newer for longer.”

“Testing the security of my hotel room’s ’safe’ box...”

“When this is the best spot for Wi-Fi in your room”

The tree braced by a rope looks safe, right? It was spotted at a hotel in Arizona.

“This hotel clearly knows what it’s doing.”

“I just wanted a nice, hot shower.”

You can’t hide.

A first-class air conditioner

“The motel sign said they had a gym.”

Why are transparent doors so popular? Are they cheaper?

“This hotel kindly invites me to decide whether I’m a bodyguard or a vampire.”

“I’m sitting in my hotel room, and the full power air conditioner that can’t be switched off is only bearable with 2 sweaters on, in addition to having the windows open.”

“I was looking for the TV remote. But I just couldn’t find it anywhere, so I called the front desk to see if it was missing. Turned out it was in this nondescript floor panel next to the bed. Who’d think to look there?”

Gulliver is on vacation.

When you face obstacles you didn’t expect to face:

What things do you consider to be bad service? Have you ever faced such situations on vacation or during a business trip? Tell us about it!

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Transparent doors are so popular because they visually create more space, even when you need some "private space" :DD


I'm so happy I was lucky enough to stay in normal hotels ?


I had such "salt" in my hotel too!
When laziness takes on anothern level..


Meh, the hiding spot for a TV remote.. some logic is just unbreakable..


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