19 Newborn Animals That Know How to Be Sweet From the Start

4 years ago

Newborns are seemingly the same no matter whether they are a human or an animal. They all are small, helpless, and incredibly adorable. And even a newborn dangerous crocodile or a scary bear can make you smile.

We at Bright Side believe that this world needs a dose of sweetness. So we found some newborns and we strongly recommend that you take a look at them to warm your soul.

1. Who could be scared of these polar bears?

2. Finally meeting mom is the best feeling.

3. Pandas are funny from the start.

4. “Hi there!”

5. Stay calm, mom is here.

6. Milk face

7. Palms full of bunnies

8. When you are small, but already skeptical:

9. “Mom, we want to eat!”

10. “Don’t call me a bear or a puppy. I’m a fox.”

11. The first steps under a watchful mom’s eye

12. A ball of sleeping raccoons

13. “Hello, world! I’m born!”

14. When your legs are not that strong:

15. “Look guys! I’m flying.”

16. The big eyes of baby seal

17.“I’m gonna roar like a lion!”

18. “You were waiting for me, right?”

19. 3 strong bears... one day

What is the sweetest word you’d use to describe these lovely newborns? Share your thoughts with others in the comments.


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I love bunnies!! My granny used to live in a farm and she had lots of animals there. One of them was of course a bunny! A loving bunny!! i named her Connie and I loved her so so much...


I've never seen baby bunnies before. What a cuties!!!!!!!! ??


The birds from number 9 are kind of scary. They have teeth in their throats ?


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