19 Optical Illusions That Prove You Don’t Need Photoshop to Distort Reality

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We rely on our brain and its powers to do anything. Thanks to it, we can reason, and its unique complexity apparently distances us from the rest of the animal kingdom. However, it is not always infallible.

Like anything else, brains can also fall into certain traps: light, angles, and exceptional coincidences are enough to trick them into believing something’s there. Yes, misleading shots leave this powerful thinking machine full of doubts, paralyzed, and perplexed. Here are some that will undoubtedly make you stop and stare at them for a while longer than usual.

1. “She loves digging and had just sprayed dirt all over me! But I couldn’t be cross at this cute floating head!”

2. Where does this man’s body ends?

3. “Big cat or tiny kitchen?”

4. Just a metamorphosis

5. Leaves with eyes?

6. “One bench in our city park looks like it’s made of red-hot metal.”

7. Balancing much?

8. Impossible not to see a dog in the bubble pattern of this wood.

9. Just a cat playing the piano at night.

10. “The view in my Airbnb looks like a painting.”

11. Angry rabbit or sleeping kitten?

12. Michael Jackson inhabits this dog’s ear.

13. “Wondered why my sister was pouring milk on her pickles...”

14. “Paper thin building”

15. “Dinosaur or cat?”

16. “My dirty coffee cup looks like a pine forest.”

17. There is a dog at the bottom of this glass.

18. “It looks like Darth Vader is haunting my daughter’s room.”

19. “My cat learned a new trick.”

Tell us how these images’ details help you make sense of them. You could enlighten people who can’t understand them.

Preview photo credit te*rfirma111 / Reddit


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