19 People Who Can Find Gold in a Pile of Dust

2 years ago

We can never predict what surprises the universe has prepared for us. And sometimes the most rewarding ones might be hidden in the most ordinary places and situations. All we have to do is dig deep, keep our eyes wide open, and have faith in the magic of life because you will never believe what exciting and valuable things might be waiting for you in the nearest and most unexpected places.

Bright Side has gathered a collection of exciting finds that some people have come across thanks to a combination of good searching skills and an extra dose of luck.

1. A special chair with a footrest

2. “I found a super-reflective jacket at the store.”

3. ’’We found a safe behind a fake electrical socket in our new house.’’

4. “I got a signed Hemingway novel for $2.”

5. ’’I found hundreds of love letters between a sailor and his wife from 1918. They started out as a secret couple, then they got married.’’

6. ’’I found $10 while scooping sludge at my wastewater treatment plant.’’

7. ’’While tearing up their carpet, my in-laws found a giant Monopoly board.’’

8. ’’This big orange mushroom I found today’’

9. ’’Found a penny from 1864 when cleaning out my wood stove.’’

10. “When you get a $450 designer bag for $2”

11. ’’This cool rock we found in my village’’

12. It turns out that this is a 100-year-old rare green diamond worth more than $8,000. It was bought for $42.

13. ’’I found the T-shirt of my band from 10 years ago.’’

14. ’’I found some amethyst in a gravel driveway.’’

15. ’’I found 4 Le Creuset pieces for $50! Retail is $1,000.’’

16. ’’My friend works in recycling. He found a filled diary from 1941.’’

17. ’’$80 for this vintage Giorgio Armani orange coat, originally over $1,300’’

18. “Buying a wallet for 25 cents at a thrift store and then finding these inside...”

19. “I thrifted this emerald and diamond 18k gold ring for $16.”

Do you like shopping for vintage or used pieces, or do you prefer buying new ones? Have you ever come across a precious or cool object in an unexpected place?

Preview photo credit Chwk540/Reddit


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