19 People Who Decided to Roll Up Their Sleeves and Make Halloween More Fun

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Halloween is quickly approaching, anticipation is at an all-time high for the season of spooky and spectacular costumes. However, the most exciting aspect of Halloween is undoubtedly the fierce competition among individuals who go the extra mile to craft extraordinary outfits.

1. “My wife as Gollum”

2. “DIY creepy picture frame”

3. ’’My neighbor beat everyone at decorations this year. I made a sign in response.’’

4. ’’I was a Victorian ghost for Halloween.’’

5. ’’The perfect Halloween display doesn’t exist....’’

6. ’’A Halloween costume that I designed and made.’’

7. ’’How do you guys like my Halloween costume?’’

8. ’’Me, as Darkwing Duck for Halloween 1993. Homemade (mom-made) costume.’’

9. ’’Costume day at work! Also, I work in IT. ’’

10. ’’Eek...14 more days!’’

11. ’’Our little hallowedding. October 15, 2022.’’

12. “Father and son Halloween costume.”

13. ’’Halloween costume! I dressed up as Hopper, GF was Joyce, and Freddie was a Demodog!’’

14. ’’I took my headless horseman cosplay to visit Washington Irving in Sleepy Hollow.’’

15. “Family costume from this year. I’m sure the Addams Family has a shark somewhere in their house.”

“Turns out I am both beautiful and terrifying in heels.”

16. ’’I’m green with envy.’’

17. ’’My friend and I dressed up as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy for an early Halloween party.’’

18. ’’I was Mary Sanderson for Halloween this year!’’

19. ’’Trying out a new Halloween makeup idea.’’

Which of these ideas for costumes did you like the most? Don’t be shy — post pictures of your awesome Halloween costumes in the comments.

Preview photo credit eren_yeage*eister / Reddit


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