19 People Who Failed at Something New and Bravely Remembered to Take a Picture of It

3 years ago

The people from our article know that doing something for the first time is ever easy. Some of them tried baking a cake, making a toy, or doing their nails — and the results didn’t satisfy them, to say the least.

The Bright Side team embraces people who can have a good laugh at their failed first attempts. We’re sure that next time, they’ll do much better.

“First time using the crockpot I inherited from my aunt — at least I enjoyed some of the meal.”

“For my son’s first birthday, we gave him nightmares.”

“My brother used his round hay baler for the first time today.”

“My first attempt at crocheting a bear in April 2018 vs my most recent in September 2019”

“My first attempt at making bread — it was as hard as a brick.”

“Unlocked a new skill — my first attempt at a French braid!”

“This was my first attempt at a Victoria sponge. I made a desperate attempt at creating smaller ones, which I also abandoned when I realized they tasted terrible.”

“My first attempt at embroidery”

“This was my first attempt at body art. In the middle of the process, I realized nothing good would come of this.”

“For my first cake day, here’s the Samus cake my girlfriend attempted to make for my birthday last year.”

“My first and only attempt at felting”

“My first attempt at making bread in the bread machine — guess I don’t know how to use this.”

“My first time growing zinnias vs the picture on the seed website...”

“My first time sewing a teddy bear”

“My first time using tofu”

“I tried doing ombre nails for the first time...”

“First time I ever ordered shoes online and they came with this. Used 2 forks, ruined them both.”

“After a long time, I’m finally ready to show my first attempt at decorating a cake.”

“My first time trying to make a bunny didn’t turn out the way I expected...”

We’re sure that among our readers, there are people who have tried to do something new and are brave enough to show us their surprising results. We’re looking forward to reading your stories!

Preview photo credit gelfbride73 / Reddit


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Better this than not doing it and then having it on your mind for days


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