19 Pics That Capture Truly Priceless Moments

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Humans are versatile and unpredictable subjects to capture on camera, and capturing special moments of their life is priceless. Thanks to photography, we can “freeze” these moments in photos to preserve them forever.

Our Bright Side team wants to show you the collection of precious moments taken at the right time, in the right place.

1. “My 5-month-old daughter just realized we own a cat.”

2. “I’m at Popeye’s and I guess a chicken either escaped or is seeking revenge.”

3. “I got you, man...”

4. “My dad has Alzheimer’s and mom is his caregiver, 40+ years married.”

“He finds it hard to communicate now, but I managed to take this picture — a look that says 1000 words.”

5. “Milliseconds from disaster”

6. “A recent scientific study has confirmed that cats feel the same acute levels of pain that humans do when putting weight on LEGOs. Abstract attached for proof.”

7. “My grandmother and her best friend celebrating their 88th birthday together!”

8. “They told my grandma she wouldn’t make it to 18. Happy 61st birthday Mary!”

9. “When it’s your birthday but you’re trying hard not to dive in before your guests have a chance...”

10. “Baby mice brothers sleeping with their tails shaped into a little heart.”

11. “I spent 4 years trying to grow transparent salt crystals at home. Here are my best ones.”

12. “Caught a cardinal taking a bath!”

13. “Excuse me...is that ham?”

14. “At the right place and the right time.”

15. “I guess a squirrel fell off. I can almost hear the cartoon noise it made as it hit the ground.”

16. “Went for a walk, saw this.”

17. “My daughter didn’t want the sun getting in his eyes while he slept.”

18. “Family of 4 meets an outsider”

19. “Tom Holland’s dad trying to act normal in front of Emma Watson”

Which pic impressed you the most? Do you also have a photo where you captured a priceless moment? Share it with us!

Preview photo credit RobotStyleGavin / Reddit


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