19 Pics That Show the Special Bond Between Fathers and Their Children

Being a father is a task that involves a lot of effort and love. Although dads may seem a little inexpressive at times, the truth is that the pride they feel for their children is unmatched. Of course, every dad has a unique way of showing the world the joy of having a son or daughter.

That’s why Bright Side made a compilation of some men who showed, in their style, how proud they are to be dads.

1. “A classic ‘dad’ moment. My two boys are climbing on my back, laughing maniacally with joy, while I struggle to breathe.”

2. “My cuddle buddy”

3. “My daughter wanted to wear her Mario Kart Pyjamas because she wanted to be ’cool like daddy.’”

“It’s so special that we get to share the same hobby.”

4. “The look on her face makes every day worth while.”

5. “Boys, which shoulder is your designated spit-up / drool shoulder?”

6. “The late night cutter strikes again.”

7. The connection to Dad’s beard is simply beautiful.

“Her beard-touching makes me melt. When I pick her up from her mom, it’s the first thing she does for me. When she wakes up at night crying, she has her arms stretching out for my face. I love it!”

8. “After a decade of hearing that we’d not be able to have a child, this little miracle arrived. We are ecstatic.”

9. “I never had a dad to fish with. This guy wanted to learn, so we learned. We don’t catch a lot, but it’s fun.”

10. “I don’t have a lot of friends, but I really want to tell someone. My little guy lost his first tooth!”

11. “Took my daughter to see the Frozen live show. She insisted we stay to see the cast leaving. It’s 10:20 pm, and we’re still waiting.”

12. “Caught my wife in bed with another man. At least he’s cute.”

13. “Little dude hit his first big fly under the lights.”

“One of the other parents grabbed the ball and got it to us after the game. He is over the moon.”

14. “It finally happened. She is starting to want Dada for comfort.”

15. “The other three are at camp, so I left work to play golf with my daughter. Next up: ice cream sundaes for lunch and the swimming pool.”

16. “She graduates in a couple of weeks. Tonight is her prom. It goes by so fast.”

17. “My daughter just took her first steps today. I’ve never been a more proud Father.”

18. “Some days, I feel like I’m doing things right. These little girls have no clue how happy they make me.”

19. “For all those dads of multiples out there: You’ve got this! Just survived a year.”

When were you most proud of having children?

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A Marmy here and my girlie makes me so proud everyday. Shes so fascinating. shes 20moons old now. An shes just started the "why" phase early hehe. didn't think babas her age could be vocal. she said dinosaur last week. Such a happy little chatterbox. An climber. Caught her having dragged the chir up the kitchen side. Got on and in the sugar hehe. Ever since she took her first step at 10moons old there's been no stopping her.


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